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Get to Know Us

We can help with all your equipment needs whether it's a small party or a large festival. We can accommodate table & chair rentals, bleacher rentals, tents, staging and more. We have sophisticated knowledge through years of experience and will make your event PERFECT.

About Us

Perfect Event Rentals (P.E.R.), founded by Scott Cust in 1999, is a high quality event equipment rental company specializing throughout the Hampton Roads area, catering toward large corporate, beachfront, sporting, and government sponsored events. 

P.E.R. has years of experience establishing large complex functioning events and assuming responsibility for the coordination of an entire event. At Perfect Event Rentals, whether you are having an event for a few or a thousand people, we can handle it all, ranging from a complex array of lights, staging, and flooring to a simple layout of table and chairs.

Our highest priority is making sure our customers are satisfied, having stood the test of time, Perfect Event Rentals has a historically high proportion of repeat business. Having said, P.E.R. would like to take the opportunity to help meet all your event specific needs and ensure they are PERFECTLY met!

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